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Autumn Exhibition - Art Hub

The Autumn Exhibition features works from the following artists:

Lisa O’Brien - paintings including paper and canvasses

Lynne F Forrester - paintings including her cloud studies

Iain Campbell - ceramic art works

Leon Patchett - ceramic art works

Jill Holmes - colourful broches in pewter and metals

Caroline Dear - prints and greetings cards

Channy Abwe - prints (Inverewe designs)

Mandy Haggith - novels and poetry

Lydia Muijen - poetry books

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to Oct 31

Wise Women and the Earth - Sawyer Gallery - launch event 14th September @2pm

The exhibition brings together six artists who work in different media, and have been collaborating through 2019 with a number of residential stays at Inverewe House. Their individual and collective work has been inspired by the experience of staying in the garden and by the Wester Ross land and seascapes.

Their collective work is a joint response to their emotional engagement with the environment, as well as the history and community that is found at Inverewe. Each artist focuses on one of these six intertwining themes:

Ann Coomber – sculpture (Support theme) –

Lynn Bennet-Mackenzie – visual artist (Cycles) –

Dorje-Khandro David – singer, songwriter, storyteller (Foundations) –

Mandy Haggith – wordsmith (Diversity) –

Joanne B Kaar –  research-based artist (Beginnings) –

Katherine Sutherland – painter (Shelter) –

Inverewe Operations Manager, Kevin Frediani, says: ‘We live in a time of great change and, amongst all the tension and feeling of being outwith any one person’s control, it’s great to witness a group of artists coming together and collaborating around themes that underpin our human relationship with the wider earth system. I find this both profound and timely.’

Part of the exhibition is ‘Songline through Inverewe Garden’. if you click on this Songlines link to another page on this website you can read more about these and download them to listen to, either whilst in the Garden or at your leisure.

Wise Woman and Earth graphic (fin)(1)_Page_01.jpg
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to Oct 31

Inspired by Wester Ross by Aileen Grant - Osgoods Cafe Gallery

Aileen will be presenting her paintings, prints and drawings…“as well as wild landscapes, I like trees and old structures that speak of the past. I think about the relationship between buildings and nature, and sometimes I re-imagine landscapes from various sketches I’ve made. I also like to give myself challenges, and explore new ideas.”

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to Sep 11

Evolving Impressions by David Sandum - Sawyer Gallery - 'meet the artist' event Sat Aug 17th @ 2pm

David’s work is “driven by the moment”, making strong use of colour to express his emotions as he paints. As a result it is difficult to predict what he will produce from day-to-day; whether he will be working with oils, watercolour, ink or charcoal, or writing.

This innovative exhibition will begin with blank walls, and as his residency progresses the walls will fill with his work. He will be painting in the garden or in public areas wherever possible, encouraging interaction with visitors and staff.

The exhibition launch will be part-way through his residency, with live painting or drawing, and the launch of his limited edition Inverewe inspired etchings.

image1a used.jpg
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to Jul 31

'leafpoems: tree-clooties from here and (t)here' by India Flint - Sawyer Gallery - launch event 22nd June @2pm

Having discovered the potential for contact printing from eucalyptus leaves, India has created works that are represented in private collections and museums across the world, as well as the costume collections of a number of dance companies.

This exhibition is the fruit of her brief residency at Inverewe Garden, where the benign climate has allowed eucalypts to flourish in an environment far from their southern home. India will be exhibiting textiles coloured with dyes from leaves of the eucalyptus and other windfalls at Inverewe, together with work dyed in Australia.

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to Aug 4

Inaugural Exhibition - Art Hub

The Art Hub is opening with a colourful exhibition of diverse works from artists located around the Highlands.

Kathy Sutherland - paintings, prints and greetings cards

Rosanne Wiseman - paintings and greetings cards

Leon Patchett - wooden works in a range of sizes

Ann Coomber - sculptures in stone

Joanne B Kaar - textiles and greetings cards

Jill Holmes - greetings cards and prints

Channy Abwe - prints (Inverewe designs)

Mandy Haggith - novels and poetry

Lydia Muijen - poetry books

Mike Dodd - prints and greetings cards

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